Antonio Bernal is the undisputed reference of the social, cultural and gastronomic experience known as Enso Sushi, a concept based on a profound knowledge of Japanese culture and its millenary traditions as well as on the most extensive sashimi grade fish selection in Europe.

Featuring the best products as the source of endless emotions, in his restaurants Antonio offers distinctive details, values and nuances born out of a thorough learning process in Tsukiji, the largest and most demanding fish market in the world.

Patricio Alarcón is a faithful representative of upcoming Latin American cuisine, capable of bringing his own style and cooking techniques to the Menu.

He moved from his native Chile to Europe, leading the way in the art of fusion and embracing the challenge of experimenting with additional products and cultures to refine his skills and culinary style.

Since joining Enso Sushi, he has championed a remarkable blending style which captures the quality and techniques of the best Japanese cuisine while infusing Mediterranean essences and the surprising evocations of local flavors and ingredients.

Nigiris, makis, temakis, uramakis, tatakis, ceviche…Enjoy a truly unique and sophisticated culinary experience with the best and widest selection of sushi and the highest quality sashimi grade fish.


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